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Representing your family’s future.

Family is everything.

When divorce or separation changes your family, you want legal representation that recognizes how important your family is. You want an attorney that will fight for you and for your family.

Moore Family Law provides family focused legal advice to families in transition. Whether your case is resolved by negotiation, mediation or litigation, our 25 years of legal experience helping hundreds of families will help you navigate the legal system as your family changes.

Divorce * Custody * Support * Domestic Abuse * Special Needs Families * Enforcement * Parental Fees

Review your matter confidentially with an attorney during a no-obligation 60-minute* consultation. *Some matters require less time.

Special Needs Family Law

Special Needs Family Law

Do you have children with special needs? We do, too. About 50% of our practice involves special needs families, and we know that every special needs family has a set of unique features that defy cookie cutter solutions. Our team has the skills and resources to create solutions that work for your family. If necessary, we have the experience to present your case to a Court that may or may not understand your family’s special needs.

Special Needs Family Law

Child Custody & Support

Maybe you never married and you need help establishing custody, parenting time or support. Or maybe it’s been some time since you separated or divorced and you need to make some changes in your custody or support arrangements. Or maybe you just aren’t getting the support or custody you are entitled to. We can help.

Special Needs Family Law

Divorce Attorney Services

Our family law team can help you determine the best way forward when things seem the most uncertain. Your matter may involve child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and/or the division of property. We have the knowledge, tools and resources to help you  with any of these issues. But we know that above all, this is about your family’s future.

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