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After your divorce, you’ll most likely have talked to many people about the process, your feelings, and how you’ve been doing. Although you may think that the divorce is only impacting you, your ex, and any children you have, the effects of a divorce spread far and wide. Letting them know that your divorce is final is just as important as letting them know you were getting a divorce.

Think about it from the outside perspective, you wouldn’t want someone to tell you that they are getting a divorce, and then find yourself at a social gathering with them months later and want to ask the truth about getting married divorce. It’s easier, and polite, to keep people in your life up to date on where you are in the process. You can celebrate with those important people.

So, who exactly are those important people after your divorce?

Your Family

These people have often been along for the ride just as much as you have. Your family had to accept another person into their family. Your ex was their son/daughter in-law, sister/brother in-law, aunt/uncle, your family is losing that person and could be mourning the loss along with you. The divorce is official, you can all work together to pick up the pieces and move onto better things.

Your Friends

Your friends know more intimate details of your divorce than anyone else. Friends are people you vent to, cry with, and people you celebrate with. They are your friends because you can talk to them about anything, including the nitty gritty not so nice details of your divorce. Once your divorce is finalized, let them into that part of your life as well. With the divorce behind you, you and your friends can start talking about lighter subjects, and get back to your friendship.

Therapist / Counselor

The problems you’ve been facing while going through your divorce are most likely done, new problems are sure to arise. You may be dealing with feelings of loss, anger, and the unease of beginning to date again. Maybe even e working with your ex to try and co-parent; a task that can often be maddening. You’ve most likely haven’t dealt with these problems before, seeking the help of a professional could be useful.

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