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It should come as no surprise to you when we say that things change after you and your ex get a divorce. The relationship between you, your ex, and your children change, how you deal with major life changes will differ, and your terms of divorce and child care may even change. So what exactly are these changes, and how do you go about dealing with them when they arise?

Loss or gain of jobs: In the course of your life, one of you may lose a job or get a job. Although this may not seem like a major life event that impacts your divorce, it can. If you or your spouse loses a job, the person out of a job may decide to help out with the children in order to save on child care expenses. While this may seem like a great idea, you have to remember that if the person who loses their job is the one paying child support, they may be able to change their payments because of their job loss.

Relationships change: Not only is the relationship between you and your ex changing, the relationship between your ex and your children is also changing. A plan that worked when the child was younger may not be the ideal situation when that child gets older. As your children grow, you may have to revisit the terms of your child care to determine what’s the best situation for your children.

Remarriage: Whether it’s you or your ex, remarriage can flip a family upside down. Your children may not always love the new husband/wife so you have to take the time to make sure the children are adjusting to the new person in their life. You might also have to deal with step-children or new children from the new marriage. It’s important to work with you children to ensure a smooth transition.

Moving: It doesn’t matter if you’re moving next door or to a different state, a move requires that the courts be notified. Moves may change school districts, access to children from the other ex-spouse, and more. Because of these potential changes, the court must be notified in order to establish any changes the move may bring.

Have you noticed other changes that you didn’t expect after a divorce? How did you deal with them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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