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Divorce is defined as “the final termination of a marriage, cancelling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between two persons.” It sounds so easy, but the attorneys at Moore Family Law understand that divorce touches almost every issue in your life. If you have exhausted the possibility of reconciliation, it is sometimes best to end the marriage. Moore Family Law can help you decide if this is where you are. We can also empower you with information about divorce. You need not be alone.


Knowledgeable Divorce Lawyers

Your first step in the divorce process is to find a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

  • Moore Family Law provides you with experienced and supportive divorce lawyers who can provide you with guidance through all stages of your divorce.
  • Our divorce attorneys have navigated this path with many others before. They are familiar with the law as well as the complexities and emotions involved. Their knowledge and insight will help you get fair treatment in the legal system and in all dealings with your spouse during the divorce process.
  • Our attorneys will become your voice of reason and help you make the best decisions for your family as you end one phase of your life and begin a new and happier phase of life.

Minnesota-Specific Divorce Lawyers

Divorce laws vary widely from state to state and each divorce is unique. The stories and experience of others who have divorced before you are helpful, but your friends, family and co-workers are not the best source of legal information and advice.

  • At Moore Family Law, we recognize that each family presents different challenges.
  • We listen to you. The sympathy, legal knowledge and experience of our divorce lawyers help us to plan with you the course of legal action best suited to your family.
  • Our legal team will aggressively pursue that plan, changing course if need be, in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Division of Property in MN

The law relating to the division of property can be complex and confusing.

  • You may have a home, investments, business interests, cars, retirement plans, bank accounts, and personal property that needs to be divided.
  • You may have debts which must be addressed in your divorce.
  • You may have had some of this property before you were married, or you may have accumulated assets or debts during your marriage.
  • No matter how big or small your net worth, no matter whether you have a high income or you are living paycheck to paycheck, our attorneys can help you.
  • While there are no guaranteed outcomes in this adversarial legal process, our hard work, legal guidance and commitment to you, our client, will lay the solid foundation needed for you to obtain an equitable division of property.

Life During and After Divorce

Divorce doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t take place in a vacuum.

When your marriage is ending, every aspect of your life is affected. Everything changes. Change can be good, but it might not be easy.

Moore Family Law’s divorce lawyers understand the powerful emotions that come with divorce. We hear and feel and know the toll it takes on you financially, socially and emotionally. Our overall goal is to help you redefine your family and to give you whatever tools you need to embrace your future. We have available to you not only our own resources, but those of other experts, including accountants, real estate professionals and financial planners.

To us, you and your family are not just another divorce case. You are people encountering a difficult time. We want to help and serve you in starting a new and better life.

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