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Minnesota Child Custody Attorneys

Separation and divorce is never easy. It is especially difficult on your children, even if you agree you must end your relationship. Though children are affected at least as much as the parents, they have virtually no say in the outcome of your divorce or separation. It is really up to you to protect your children’s interests.

Even if you and your partner seem to agree on how to raise your children, you should still consult a lawyer to be sure you are not overlooking the legal rights and responsibilities that are available to you and your child under the law.

Child Custody Rights MN

In a divorce case, the custody of a child is often the most difficult issue. Nobody knows this better than the divorce lawyers and Child Custody Attorneys at Moore Family Law.
We are dedicated to producing the best possible legal reasoning and the most skillful legal advocacy for you.
Helping you determine who gets what custodial rights requires legal expertise, the ability to recommend compromises that are empowering for you and your children, and if necessary, aggressive litigation when settlement fails. Your children deserve the best possible parenting plan that can be negotiated by you, and when negotiation fails, the best possible court-ordered custody arrangement possible.
The divorce attorneys and child custody lawyers at Moore Family Law have the skills, knowledge, and experience to solve the difficult and complex problems that arise in custody cases. We know when to fight, but also how to compromise and work together with the other side to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Parenting Time and Visitation Rights

In Minnesota, child visitation is referred to as parenting time. Courts will decide parenting time based on the judge’s perception and opinion about the best interests of your child.
It’s crucial to be guided by a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer or child custody attorney who is adept at navigating the complex legal maze of child custody issues, so that the court’s interpretation of your child’s best interests will coincide with yours. Who knows what’s in your child’s best interests better than you?
The attorneys at Moore Family Law have obtained both amicable settlements and favorable judgments on behalf of our child custody clients. Our lawyers will enlist every resource available and make every effort to ensure that your parental rights are protected and your matter is resolved with an eye towards the best interests of your child.

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