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Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Lawyers

Minnesota Child Support Lawyers

The right to child support and the responsibilities of parents to provide such support have been internationally recognized, though the laws governing support vary from state to state.

Child support is meant to ensure that your child is housed, clothed and fed, cared for while you work, and transported as necessary.

It is meant to ensure that your child receives medical attention as well as an appropriate education.

MN Child Support Laws

Minnesota courts use an “income shares” method to determine child support. This method calculates the amount of support that the child would receive if their parents did not separate or divorce. This calculated amount is then allocated to the parents according to their individual incomes and the percentage of overnight parenting time each parent has.

A parent’s legally required financial support to their children normally extends to the age of 18, but can be extended if the child has not graduated from high school or even later if there is a special need for child support

Minnesota Child Support Calculator

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has provided a child support calculator to help you estimate the right amount of child support. You can access the calculator at Minnesota Child support guidelines

If this method of calculation confuses you, you’re not alone. The calculation is often contemplated by one parent’s under-employment or unemployment, the extraordinary needs of the child, income from self-employment, second jobs, and government benefits, employment benefits, spousal maintenance payments, support necessary to support non-joint children, and uncertainties regarding medical, dental and daycare expenses.

At Moore Family Law, we stay up-to-date on child support laws and will keep you informed of your rights as a custodial or non-custodial parent.

Child Support Enforcement in MN

Divorce and separation can put a strain on your living standards, as well as those of your former spouse or partner and your children. Moore Family Law understands the hidden costs of raising a child that are not always addressed by the child support guidelines, as well as the demands of earning a living and raising your children on a day to day basis. To the parent receiving support, the amount they receive is never enough. To the parent paying support, the amount they pay is always too high.

The courts consider child support enforcement to be serious business with serious consequences for those who do not pay court-ordered support. Moore Family Law’s attorneys are well prepared to defend your rights vigorously to obtain the best possible outcome.

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