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While some things will change after a divorce, somethings can stay the same and keep traditions alive if you and your ex can put your differences aside and work together.

Depending on the state of your relationship with your ex, there are a few ways to keep traditions alive. We’ve compiled a list of 3 great ways to keep the tradition alive depending on how friendly you and your ex are.

You Are Still Friends, Keep Traditions Alive:

Do the traditions together. If you and your ex are friendly towards each other and can work together to continue a tradition, do it! Pick a house, or alternate houses every year, and do your traditions how you and your children remember them.

You’re Friendly…ish:

Each of you can take a part of the tradition. Let’s say your tradition is an Easter egg hunt and then breakfast. You or your ex could do a scavenger hunt type of Easter egg hunt, which starts at one house and ends at the other person’s house.

The kids will be excited to start the hunt, and exciting to see it through to the finish at you or your ex’s house. This allows both of you to participate and both of you to be involved in the tradition. Depending on what your tradition is, this will look different, but the general idea is the same.

Your Relationship is Best from a Distance:

Either both of you can give your children the traditional experience (who doesn’t love twice the Easter candy?) or one of you can do it the first year, and the other can do it the next. Alternating where your children experience the tradition most likely won’t change the overall experience.

One Final Thought:

Include other people in the traditions. You and your ex begin new relationships and possibly eventually marry other people, it’s necessary to include other people in the traditions.

You may feel a bit possessive of the traditions, adding new people to the mix most likely won’t change the way your child experiences and remembers the traditions.

It’s also important to realize that as your children grow, your traditions may change. This happens even in relationships where the parents stay together. As the children grow up, some traditions must give way to new traditions, and that’s a good thing.

How do you and your ex keep traditions alive during the holiday season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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