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Co-Parenting: How to Make Your Kids Feel at Home in Two Houses

When you and your ex decide to split, it’s common for one of you to move out. This is a logical step in the divorce process since the two of you will now be leading separate lives. The problem comes when children have two places to call home.

Can you imagine the stress of never feeling as though you can truly unpack? Of moving houses every few days? Would you ever truly feel relaxed or at home in any one spot? Most likely, the answer is no.

So how do you help your kids feel at home in two houses?

One way to help your kids feel more comfortable with the new living arrangement is to let them decorate their new room. Allowing them to decorate their new room shows them that it’s their space and that they aren’t simply sleeping in a random room in your house. It also allows them to feel more at home rather than being a visitor in your house.

Another thing you can do is to cover their daily needs. Give them clothes, toiletries, and anything else they need daily. Having a toothbrush, clothes, and more that is specific to your house allows them to forgo having to pack a suitcase with basic items every time they go from one house to another. This also alleviates stress of forgetting necessities since they are now
moving more than they were before.

Not only will having daily items available at both homes help your children feel like they don’t have to pack up every few days, but it can also help eliminate arguments between you and your ex. Having a toothbrush at both houses means no fights about who forgot to pack it for the child. Having clothes at each home means that no parent will be upset if a piece of clothing isn’t returned with the child.

There are so many things for you and your ex to figure out with this new arrangement. Making sure your kids feel at home no matter where they are is simple and can truly help the children more than they know.

What about you? Have you found ways to help your children feel at ease during this tumultuous time? Let us know what you found helpful in the comment section below.

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