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Northwest Territories


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Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories (abbr. NT or NWT; French: les Territoires du Nord-Ouest, abbr. TNO; Athapascan languages: Denendeh; Inuvialuk: Nunatsiaq; Inuktitut: ᓄᓇᑦᓯᐊᖅ) is a federal territory of Canada. At a land area of approximately 1,144,000 km2 (442,000 sq mi) and a 2016 census population of 41,786, it is the second-largest and the most populous of the three territories in Northern Canada. Its estimated population as of 2019 is 44,895. Yellowknife became the territorial capital in 1967, following recommendations by the Carrothers Commission.


The Northwest Territories is bordered by Canada's two other territories, Nunavut to the east and Yukon to the west, and by the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the south, and may touch Manitoba at a quadripoint to the southeast.