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The last surviving Confederate veteran was from Alabama … probably. When he died at age 104 in 1951, Pleasant Crump was believed to be the last surviving Confederate soldier, although the claim has been challenged. Crump enlisted at age 16 and served in Company A of the 10th Alabama Infantry. He was present at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia when Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union forces in April 1865.

Old Self-Owning Tree...Eufaula, Alabama, is home to the Tree That Owns Itself. The oak, estimated to be 200 years old, stood in the yard of Confederate Capt. John A. Walker. In 1936, after it withstood a tornado and a fire, local women persuaded the town council to deed the property to the tree whose roots grew into it. Lt. Gov. Charles S. McDowell drew up a "deed of sentiment” and a fence and marker were erected. In 1961, the old oak was felled by a tornado and was replaced. It is now known as “the son of the Tree That Owns Itself.”

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